Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hudson River Spring Fun Run - May 7th & 8th

Want to have some fast fun without blowing a huge wad of cash? Then you can join a group of NY powerboaters for this family-style fun run that's FREE and open to anyone. The fun starts on Saturday, May 7th, when boats will be leaving Cannonball Marina in Stony Point, NY at 11am, heading south to see the NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty. Later, the plan is to return to the marina, where boats can be loaded back on the trailers and everyone can grab a late lunch / early dinner at a local restaurant.

PHOTO CREDITS: OSO member Nordic95.

On Sunday, May 8th, the plan is to start the morning at about 11am, where boats will be heading North to the Steel House restaurant in Roundout Creek for a raft up and lunch. As noted previously, it's planned to be a family style event - wives and kids are welcome and boats of all sizes and speeds are encouraged to join in the fun; in fact, stopping points will be set up along the way so everyone can wait for the slower boats.

To find out more, check out THIS THREAD on Offshore Only - contact member Nordic95 so he can get a headcount for the event as soon as possible.


Dan said...

Sounds like a great outing, I'm disappointed that we'll be out of town traveling then...


SHARKEY-IMAGES.COM will be on the water photographing the boats at key points of interest for this event...

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