Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meeting Up with an Italian Beauty

I was recently on Twitter when I saw a link to Eris Propellers' blog, which took me to a nice story about enjoying boating with the family. The story itself was rather brief, but what really caught my eye was the photo that accompanied the story - a very slick concept boat, the Archidiavolo, from Italian boat builder Cantieri Di Sarnico.

PHOTO CREDITS: Cantieri Di Sarnico.

There's no doubt that this is a real beauty - and the black-and-white color scheme really makes the most of its sharp Italian lines. It's hard to tell from the image, but according to other sources on the web, the multi-hull is based on a very unique 3-point design, which can be seen at left in an old photo of the Arcidiavolo I, which originally saw action back in the 1970's. To read more (use Google Translate, it's in Italian) check out the story of the original vessel HERE. It may not have been much to look at, but there can be little doubt the new version would turn a lot of heads!

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