Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tiki 101: Great Introduction to Tiki Drinks & Culture

If you like boats and enjoy spending a lot of time near the water--whether it's under a palm tree at a warm ocean beach or sitting at a dockside bar on a cool Northern lake--you can probably appreciate Tiki culture. The exotic island imagery, and certainly the cocktails it has inspired are a great compliment to life on the water. After all there's nothing quite like a good MaiTai or Zombie after a fun day on the boat.

But where did the idea of "Tiki" come from? There are lots of books and articles on the subject, which has been covered here before. But I came across a great video on the New York Times website that provides a brief and effective summary of what it's all about...

While it's inspired by island culture so very far away, the essence of Tiki is uniquely American, in the same way that Jazz music is. So, next time you've tied the boat up at the end of the day and are ready to cool off, try something a little more exotic and see where Tiki can take you...

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