Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Changes in the Works...and a New Offshore Season

First, my apologies to those who followed us last year and wondered where we went after last Fall. I will keep the explanations brief; an extended stint of unemployment made it easy to keep updated last summer, but really cut your Editor's boating time to the bone. Between work and family issues (and the fact that this site was generating no income) we realized that, late last year we had to take a break, since it wasn't feasible to maintain [B3] at the level we had been doing for most of 2009.

Now, I'm happy to say most of those issues have been resolved, at least to the extent that we expect to be able to put some gas in the Formula this year and hit a few spots--where we are looking forward to meeting some of our friends and talk about what we all love! Let me insert a gratuitous boat photo here, before I go any further...


You have probably also noticed that our site layout has changed a bit. We have been wanting to go to more of a magazine-style design, and what you are seeing now is the first stage of that changeover; we expect it to be complete over the next few weeks, so be patient. Unfortunately the new design has also had a minor effect on some of the older posts--this is most evident on videos we had embedded, but since new material will be designed to fit the new format, this won't be a problem as we move forward.

One thing I've observed over the past few months is that the offshore and performance boating press is really taking a hit. We saw Hot Boat hit the skids a while back, some other magazines have followed suit, and even the venerable Powerboat is getting smaller and less frequent in publication. Combine that with the miserable failure of the SBI/CBS TV deal last year and it's not looking good for those of us who like to follow the sport.

We'll do our best to help fill in the blanks as best we can and see if we can bring more people into the exciting world of performance boating. You can help us with your suggestions and even content, if you're interested. Feel free to drop us a line -- and stay tuned.

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