Friday, September 4, 2009

VIDEO: Apaches Go Head-to-Head at LOTO

Apaches are great boats - but you don't see one every day - much less two of them speeding side-by-side across the water. That's why we just wanted you to see this great-looking video posted on YouTube by user 41Apache, whose 41-foot No Reservations is shown flying down Lake of The Ozarks with a 31' Apache named Indian Giver. As he explains on an accompanying thread on OSO:
"I was running 65-70 in that video at about 3700-4000 rpms. Wave heights were 4-5's with a few 6's thrown in between. The swells were from hurricane Bill."

The footage is better than most casually-shot onboard videos - that's probably due to the excellent GoPro video camera, which is specially made for high-shock environments such as this. Also - a little scotch tape over the mic helps cut down on the wind noise!

There's a nice thread on OSO about this video HERE - and some accompanying videos that aren't too bad either - but for very different reasons!

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