Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SPY PHOTOS: Check Out the New Outerlimits SL 44

Serious Offshore member animalhouse shared these sweet new photos of Outlerlimits new SL 44 before it made it's way to the paint booth. As you can see, this boat has a very slick design and a beautiful interior as well.

PHOTO CREDITS: All photos credited to SOS member - animalhouse.

Reportedly the SL 44 is the first boat in the industry to be built with a special Carbon Monococque Grid System. This grid-based building technique is supposed to result in considerable weight savings, as well as significantly increased strength.

The hull is all e-glass, which provides for a very smooth and stable ride. This particular boat, which is powered by twin Whipple Charged Teague 1200's, reportedly "pulls to 137 without even breaking a sweat."

Congratulations again to the team at Outerlimits, who just keep coming up with one great boat design after another. To find out more, register at SOS and check out the thread, or head over to the Outerlimits website.

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