Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Darren's Offshore Photo Gallery is a Feast for Powerboat Racing Fans

Not long ago, we came across Darren's Offshore Photos - a remarkable site that features some incredible shots of offshore powerboat racing from the past three decades. Not only is the site a treat for fans of racing and great action photography, it's a great repository of examples of racing boat design -- as you'll see some images of the hottest high-performance boats to ever hit the water.

Darren Luhrs, who took many of the photos, is well-known around the offshore racing circuit as "the world's number one fan." Darren has traveled all over the United States attending offshore races with his father, lifelong boat racer Rich Luhrs. Rich has also enjoyed a long career as a commentator for offshore racing telecasts, on networks such as TNN, ESPN and SpeedVision. Father and son can both be found prowling performance boat venues all over the world.

PHOTO CREDIT: Darren's Offshore Photos.

A lot of offshore racers and photographers also contribute to Darren's site. In fact, he will add your photos to the site if you like; send them to him in JPEG format and tell him how you want the credits listed. All submitted photos are posted on the "Racers Photos" page, with full credit for the shot and a link to your website. It's clear that Darren understands how important it is to preserve the history of offshore he notes on the site:
"My trips to the races have allowed me to assemble a huge collection of offshore racing photos and now the Internet allows me to share them with you. This site has been built for your viewing pleasure, so stop by often and send your friends."
PHOTO CREDIT: Darren's Offshore Photos.

The site features a wide range of subjects, including race action from Key West, New Jersey, Sarasota, SBI Bahamas, NBPA New York '03, St. Clair MI '06, World Record attempts and much, much more. If you find yourself sitting around this winter after your boat's in storage, and want something to get your adrenaline flowing once again -- be sure and drop by Darren's photo galllery for a quick pick-me-up. And don't forget to say "hi."

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