Monday, August 17, 2009

Fear of Water; No Experience - It Didn't Stop Rose Lores from Becoming a Powerboat Racer

Women-sports blog Girlracer [UK] has a fascinating story about Formula 4 Stroke Offshore Powerboat racer Rose Lores. Prior to starting her racing career in 2006, Rose had never driven a boat of any kind and actually had a fear of going underwater. Now, at 50, she's celebrating by unveiling a new boat - sporting a bright orange livery and a new name, reflecting her sponsors, Berkshire, UK-based relationship marketing company, Eclipse Marketing. In the midst of her fourth year of competion, Rose has her eyes firmly set on getting her hands on some silverware, and is working to boost her team's overall stamina and navigation skills to make that a reality.


The article explains how, after some NLP sessions (neuro linguistic programming) to cure her fear of water, and a crash course in powerboat racing with 7-time world champion Neil Holmes, Rose set out to prove that she had what it takes. The story also goes on to report some of the challenges she and navigator Sharyn Brown have faced since then, as well as the team's involvement in the current long-distance Cowes races. Check out the full article HERE.

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