Friday, February 18, 2011

Powerboat P1’s New Boat and USA SuperStock Series to Debut at Miami International Boat Show

The innovative versatility of P1's new 28' boat will be featured on the SuperStock exhibition stand at the Miami Boat Show, with both the race and leisure versions on display. The P1-28SS race boat was unveiled by Powerboat P1 USA at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando, Florida in December 2010. This will be the first time that the pleasure version has been on display.

PHOTO CREDITS: Powerboat P1.

The boat design was the work of Raimondo Luretig at Powerboat P1, hull design input came from Fountain Powerboats of the USA, tooling by Marine Concepts in Florida, high-tech production moulds supplied by Liberty Associates of North Carolina and Canada-based BRP Evinrude will be the exclusive engine partner. After ten months of development, the result is an eye-catching craft complete with the latest technology in safety, hull design, digital telemetry and data acquisition. The ability to switch between racing and pleasure is a unique feature of the boat; in just a 5-minute process, the cowling can be removed to deliver a comfortable 4-seat cockpit you'd expect in a leisure boat.

P1’s Director of North American Operations, Martin Sanborn says: “To be a viable motorsport, there has to be a credible competition model and that starts with the new boat. We wanted something unique and inspirational that would attract new racers to the sport. In the P1-28SS we have something that appeals not only to competitors but also to their families, friends and business contacts.”

Personally, I've admired this concept boat over the past few years since it originated with the former Honda Formula Four-Stroke racing series. I'm sure this updated version has a lot to offer - and if delivered at a price-point that makes sense, may offer a great option for regular performance boaters as well as weekend racers.

The P1 SuperStock Championship will run in both the UK and USA this year, with the American series scheduled to start in May and include events in Biloxi, Detroit, Cleveland and Morehead City. We'll definitely be there for the Cleveland debut!

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