Friday, February 25, 2011

Boat Apps: Knots Free Keeps You Sharp on Useful Skills

We've checked out a few iPhone apps that are useful for boating before, but it's been a we thought we'd start taking a look as some useful examples we've come across lately. Let me preface this post by saying that if you are a veteran boater, you're probably tied enough knots you could probably tie them in your sleep. If that's the case, then Knots Free may not be something you need.

But if you are still refining your boating skills, training a young boater on the basics of docking, line handling and seamanship--or just plain forgetful, Knots Free may be pretty handy. Don't expect too much here; the program costs nothing and the selection of knots you can learn is not huge, but it covers the basics and is very simple to use.

To use the program, you simply open it up, click the name of the knot you want to learn, read the description and use the step-by-step pictures to learn how to tie the knot. Designed for iPhone and iTouch OS 3.0 or greater, some of the angles on the photos for a couple of the knots may seem hard to follow, but overall it's pretty handy, either at the dock or at home, brushing up on your skills. Check it out at the iTunes store HERE.

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