Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Your Party on with Six Great Beach Cocktails - Courtesy of TikiTender

After your day of boating is over - or even if you're relaxing on the dock watching the boats go by - nothing sets off a nice sunset like a cool, island-style cocktail. There's always the obvious Mai Tais, Margueritas or Pina Coladas...but we want to offer you something a little more original and creative.

Thankfully, we can turn to out old Twitter pal, Mark Woods, aka "TikiTender" who lives and works steps away from the Atlantic Ocean in Flagler Beach, Florida. Since 2005 he has made his work home at The Golden Lion Cafe, one of the area's most awarded restaurants. Mark's welcoming personality and creative drink mixing have earned him 3-time honors as Florida's Favorite Bartender, selected by the readers of Backstage Pass magazine.

So, next time you're up for something cool and crisp, set yourself or your friends up with one of these delicious drinks:

2 oz Absolut Citron vodka
1 oz blue curacao
1 splash sweet and sour mix
Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Bikini Line
1 oz coconut rum
3/4 oz vodka
dash of grenadine
1 oz pineapple juice
Shake the liquors and pineapple juice with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Drop in a dash of grenadine. Garnish with an orange wheel.

"A group of customers requested this recipe two summers ago. They still like to order it when they are feeling frisky. They claim I am the only one in the area who knows how to make it."
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz rum
1/4 oz grenadine syrup
1/4 lime juice
2 oz sweet and sour mix
1 oz Champagne
Combine all ingredients (except Champagne) in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a tall glass, preferably a pint glass or large brandy snifter with ice, and float the champagne on top with a squeeze of lemon. Serve.

Jamaican Me Crazy
1 oz silver rum
1 oz coconut rum
1 oz creme de banane
equal parts pineapple & cranberry juices
In a tall glass combine all ingredients, balancing with the fruit juices. Garnish with a cherry & orange slice. Enjoy!

Pirate's Treasure
2 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum
1 1/2 oz Crown Royal Canadian whiskey
Coca-Cola to balance
Build over ice in a Collins glass.

Surfer On Acid
"I used to have a red-haired friend that loved 'em on ice with a little bit more pineapple."
3/4 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur
1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum
1/2 oz pineapple juice
Shake with ice, strain into a rocks glass, and serve as a shot.

For more great recipies, and to find out more about TikiTender's incredible skills, head over to - or follow him on Twitter here.

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