Monday, June 7, 2010

Gawking at the Biggest, Baddest Pantera Ever - the New 41'

After months of being teased with various "under construction" shots, we're finally able to feature som photos of the new Pantera 41' - which has to be one of the sharpest boats we've ever seen. Built with twin Mercury 525 EFI engines and #6 drives, this hot, Ferrari-red boat was designed to compete in Powerboat P-1.

PHOTO CREDITS: Pantera Boats

The boat also features NXT1 transom plates, Stelling extension boxes and Arneson Rocker Plate tabs with a Zieger heavy duty polished tie bar. Stainless Marine fabricated a custom exhaust system, and the helm is finished off with Ray Marine GPS units, Momo "Trek" race steering wheel, custom push button ignition panels, Livorsi "monster" instruments, race throttles, Ritchie compass, pop up indicators and much more.

If you notice the stars of the Chinese flag at the rear of the hull, it's because the boat's new UK owner was born in China. While some observers on the forums have asked why Pantera went with a [relatively] mild 525 combination, Jo Nunez explains why it makes sense for P1:

"P1 racing in the Super Sport class requires the boats to weigh 4.5 Kilograms per H.P. so there is a lot of weight to carry. We did not build this boat real light becase it has to weigh approximately 10,600 pounds at the end of the race. The Supersport class has a limit of 90 MPH. Acceleration and handling have a lot to do with having a winning boat over there due to the rough water and turns..."

After testing, the 4-blade props were switched out for 5-blade props of a larger diameter. With that combination, hitting the Super Sport Class 90mph speed limit will not be a problem. With it's bulletproof design and substantial weight, the boat should be tough to beat in rough water.

Congrats to the Nunez Family and everyone else at Pantera!

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