Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Vote for the Most Boring Powerboat Video Ever

Over the last year, we've posted some thrilling video footage that we've come across on YouTube and some other sites - and there's lots of great places to go on the web to catch some high-performance action. Just the other day, we followed a link on Offshore Only and checked out this video, which - other than the 171mph speed claimed - has to be about the most disappointing thing we've seen in a while. Unless, of course, your idea of exciting action is staring at some close-ups of gauges on the dash, accompanied by the sound of roaring engines. A great example of what not to do with a camera.

Okay, the camera work is pretty jerky, but we'll allow for that. But how about a little heads-up action, so we can see over the dash and get a real idea of how fast this boat is moving? Seems the poster was so fixated on being able to "document" his true speed (which was hard to see on the video anyway) that they lost sight of what you use a camera for in the first place. Though a little bit of the scenery pokes through near the end, the opportunity to do something special was lost.

A shot of the GPS taken on an iPhone camera would have served the same purpose, and not wasted a minute and ten seconds of our time. Nice soundtrack, though...

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