Saturday, August 22, 2009

VIDEO: Old School Classic - 1968 Bahama 500 Offshore Race featuring Odel Lewis

I just came acroos this gem of a video, posted by Greg Terzian on Vimeo. It's a wonderful vintage documentary that gives you an inside look at the preparation that went into classic offshore races like the 1968 Bahamas 500. Directed by Mabry Edwards, the story of the 11-hour 530-nautical mile race features offshore icon Odel Lewis and is ably narrated by Dick Stratton.

While things have changed a lot over the past 40+ years -- especially regarding the speeds and technologies -- a lot of things haven't changed, either. The intense focus, dedication and fearlessness of competitors like Lewis (who won this particular race) is clearly evident, and that's something you can still see today.

For fans of real old-school offshore racing, the video is a real treat. These boats are not as big as today's monsters, and they don't have GPS, but you will see that they DO get a lot of air! The video also makes one wonder what happened to all of those great racing boats, and if any are still around.

To see more of Greg's posted videos, go HERE.


Anonymous said...

best video ever. got one on dvd ?


Unfortunately, this isn't available on video or DVD, as far as I know - but it certainly is a classic.

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