Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mercury Racing Takes the Crayola Box to Outdrives

Henry Ford once said that when it came to the Model T, "the customer can have any color they want. As long as it's black." Well, Mercury Racing has decided to better old Henry by several degrees, as it has begun offering custom color options for the popular dry-sump NXT1, NXT1 SSM, Six drives and transoms sold as part of a Mercury Racing sterndrive engine package. Now, customers don't have to just settle for a big, black, Merc drive...if they want, they can select from eight color options, all of which have been available on Mercury Racing engines.

With some of the outrageous color combinations we've seen lately, it seems these new drive color choices are right on target. One note - the custom color selected for transoms and drives must match, since the transoms and drives are painted as a set.

Color options include Mercury Racing Blue Metallic, Dandy Candy Red Metallic, Devil Red-Eye Nonmetallic, Slate Grey Metallic, Fire Orange Pearl, Nanna Yeller Pearl, Hulkin' Green Pearl and Joyze Poypole Metallic. Contact your Mercury Racing sterndrive OEM Boat Builder or dealer regarding pricing and ordering information.

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