Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VIDEO: What Racers Do When They're Not in the Cockpit...

We just wanted to highlight this recently-posted YouTube video that shows another side to offshore powerboat racing. These are the quieter, more introspective times, when racers take a deep breath, survey the course, devise their strategies, and even take some time to enjoy the scenery at water's edge. In this video, user Alvinski100 brings us some of these moments, shared between Team Geico driver Mark Granet and throttleman Scotty Begovich.

It's interesting to watch the guys survey the course, analyze the waves and weather, and size up the competition. They even manage to crack a few jokes as they enjoy the beach during an early-morning walk. It's nice to see that racers are just like everybody else -- they look for ways to relax and calm down before the race; which is probably a good idea when you're getting ready to blast across the waves at nearly 200mph.

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