Saturday, July 25, 2009

[B3] Marks 100 Posts with new Odiogo Podcasts

We almost weren't paying attention. But as we looked at our website records we noted that Big Bad Boat's 100th Post just went up yesterday, and we had been thinking about a way to mark the occasion. Happily we found it...we have just instituted a new feature: audio podcasts, powered by Odiogo. These podcasts will allow you to listen to all posted [B3] stories, and if you want, you can even download them directly into iTunes. The system is backward-compatible, so you'll be able to "click-to-listen" at the top of any story, new or old.

The content is all there, except for the photos, of course - but it adds some extra convenience if you're on-the-go. If you have an iPhone, you can either read [B3] with our mobile site, or listen to it via iTunes or by clicking the "Listen Now" button. The audio feeds are also available via RSS; and they truly are the best voice-to-text conversions we have ever heard. We hope you enjoy them.

We also had to make a few adjustments in the way we write the posts, as the voice-to-text system interprets web URLs letter-by-letter, includes photo credits (if they fall in the middle of the post) and does some other things which we have to account for. Nevertheless, Odiogo's system produces a high-quality .mp3 audio file, and it sounds great. For now, it's important to note that the system only works in spoken English, and is not currently compatible with our translated pages.

We are looking at producing a more traditional weekly podcast very soon, and have been happy about the response we have received since becoming a Media Partner of American Powerboat Television. It's just part of the great multimedia content we want to bring our worldwide audience. With 100 stories under our belt, we've been able to bring you site translation in 15 languages, a shop where you can buy some [B3] merchandise, a mobile website, subscriptions via Amazon Kindle, and some positive recognition as well. We just want to thank everyone who enjoys the site!

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