Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey - Where's Summer? Many Boaters Wondering.

From amateur science bloggers to experienced meteorologists, there's been a low, growing rumble over the past few weeks about the possibility of a "year without summer." That phrase actually goes back to 1816, when we actually DID have such a year - when temperatures over the northern hemisphere seldom exceeded 50 degrees and Pennsylvania lakes actually froze in Mid-July. Of course, that well-documented phenomenon was reportedly due to the eruption of the super-volcano Tambora, in Indonesia - and while there's certainly been a lot of talk about climate change - that's supposed to be global warming. What's up? This video from NBC Nightly News takes a look at what's happening:

You can already find threads in most of the offshore performance boating forums where members have been expressing their frustrations about the cool temperatures, from the Minnesota and Northern Michigan to New England and the East Coast. While the weather on the south shore of Lake Erie has been pretty decent so far, we're still waiting for more heat and humidity. Thankfully, if this NBC report is correct, what we're seeing is just a blip on the weather radar that will be a memory by the time July gets here. Let's hope so.

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