Friday, May 1, 2009

Tough Times: Magic / Sleek Powerboats Closes Doors

We wanted to mentuion that on April 8th, Power Marine and Motor Sports Inc, the manufacturer of Magic Powerboats and Sleek Powerboats, bid farewell to its employees and consumers after 15 years of business. “We are not bankrupt, we are just closing our doors,” said company owner Ron Moyes.


The owner of the Lake Havasu City-based manufacturing plant and sales office would not comment as to the reasons surrounding the company’s closure. “We started downsizing (staff) last September,” he explained. Approximately 20 employees were affected by the closing. Moyes was also the immediate past president and a founder of the local marine association. An official company statement on their website said:
"We have been so fortunate over the years building relationships with all of you at Boat Shows, Poker Runs, your lunch-breaks down at the shop, on the water Easter Egg Hunts, Holiday Food Drive Poker Runs, Demo Dayz and of course the Regatta! Thank you for all of your customer support, help, and smiles as you drive by in the channel with your friends and family! We truly have the most amazing group of boat owners!"
“I think it is a big loss … it is symptomatic of what is happening in the marine industry right now,” said Jim Salscheider, executive director of Lake Havasu City Marine Association, in a local newspaper report. The builder, which also had manufacturing operations in Phoenix and Southern California, built both V-bottoms and cats, both of which were targeted to family-oriented performance boaters. Salscheider noted that Lake Havasu City is currently home to four other boat manufacturing companies; two other local companies build boat hulls and decks, which are sold as components to other boat manufacturers.

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