Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Gear Makes Docking & Trailering Safer

I'll be the first to admit docking skills still leave something to be desired. While I have no shortage of fenders, it always seems that the side of my boat and the dock will always meet somewhere in-between them. Of course, I can always "buff it out" -- but I can't help but think that there's got to be a better way.

Well, the folks who developed the the Dock Torpedo might have the answer. This inflatable fender system provides extended protection in situations where ordinary fenders just aren't up to the task, for example--at piers with external pilings, or when water levels are lower than normal. With a full 10 feet of protection, it's great for any go fast owner who wants to ensure that nothing damages their beautiful hull finish. You simply inflate and attach the Torpedo to your boat or the pier with the four durable 8-inch straps. When you're ready to hit the water, you just deflate the unit and stow it, since it folds flat.

While the price ($395) isn't cheap, it can save you a lot of painting, buffing and touch-up work later. The Dock Torpedo (TM) provides superior, yet portable protection for your watercraft investment; two would probably be perfect for most poker-run size boats. The Boston-style valve provides a wide variety of inflation options and the quick-release deflates the unit in just a few seconds. Among other features:

- 10' long x 1" diameter fits most boats
- Boston valve accepts most inflators
- Removable .90mm welded PVC bladder
- Rugged .20mm UV resistant cover
- Four 8' mar-resistant mounting straps

To find out more, contact LakeTek, LLC; (262) 255-4047; or on the web at

High performance props cost big money, so it's critical to protect them. And clever props? They are damn sharp - and downright dangerous in and out of the water, if you're not careful around them. DriveSafe H2O is an innovative, all-purpose protector for your prop and drive, providing solid area protection from minor rear-end collisions and theft, while preventing potential prop injuries when the boat is on the trailer. An easy-to-operate electronic actuator allows simple movement up and down, so there’s no interference when launching or loading. Once your boat is safely in the water, you simply disengage DriveSafe H2O, and off you go.

Pricing varies by model and features, but start at about $899. DriveSafe offers a rear-light, customizable side panels for added protection, and can also be ordered in custom colors and with a locking mechanism. Available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel, the units are built with TIG-welded tubular frames. Currently, DriveSafe H2O applications include V-Hulls and Cats with single or twin I/O or jet drives. To find out more, contact Drive Safe H2O; (909) 618-8569; or on the web at

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