Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get BigBadBoat on Amazon Kindle!

We've always been a little geeky when it comes to tech stuff, and when new technology becomes available for us to use, we like to give it a try. We liked the Amazon Kindle as soon as it came out, but our initial move to mobile distribution was directed at the the iPhone, since it was the first platform available and frankly, we thought it would be the most useful for our target audience. Most performance boaters are often on-the-go; traveling a lot and often hitting one poker run or race on every weekend during the boating season. A lot of them use iPhones, too--and some of the added features we've added to the mobile site, like weather info, travel info and other useful stuff make it a natural platform for [B3].

But the Kindle has its own advantages; it's has a bigger display, which has advanced readability. Also, Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle give you full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day.

While the Kindle is only available with a black & white screen right now, the word is that a color version should be coming before too long, and [B3] should look really great on that! Subscriptions are just $1.99 a month, and Amazon also offers a 14-day free trial. For us, it's just another way to get [B3] out to you. Check it out!

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