Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miami Boat Show: Hoping for the Best During Hard Times

Even as last week's Annual Miami Boat Show opened, vendors, show officials and locals were taking a hard look at their expectations as well as their sales pitches. Hilary Lehman notes in the Miami Herald:
"In addition to stepping up efforts to sell the lifestyle, they are cutting deals and stressing affordability. Sales of smaller, cheaper boats are faring better than others. Some higher-end dealers are emphasizing their willingness to please the customer by customizing boats to suit buyers' whims."

PHOTO CREDIT: Freeze Frame Video

Initial reports indicate that while traffic was OK, sales were very slow, with a few exceptions; seems some of the manufacturers, like Outer Limits and Sunsation were well-prepared. A few others were obviously trying to cut corners, and it showed in their presentations. A fair amount of inventory going overseas as well. Should be an interesting season...

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