Friday, February 27, 2009

Ilmor Indy Drive Premieres

Rated to handle engines up to 900 hp, Ilmor's brand new Indy drive feature a dry-sump transmission and is designed for a through-hull or transom-mounted water pickup. Currently packaged with the company's 725hp MV-10 725 engine, the drives are in production now, with delivery to boat manufacturers expected in early summer.


On initial reviews, the combination of the Ilmor 725/Indy compares very favorably to a Mercruiser 700/NXT combo. It's lighter, offers 25 more hp, and has a more advanced control system, including fly-by-wire as an option. Another noted benefit is that there is far less parasitic hp loss when operating the Indy; it reportedly requires just 24 hp to turn, which may be half or less of a comparable NXT.

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