Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cool! Decals Featuring Your Boat...

In promotion and marketing, personalization is what it's all about. Let's face it -- everybody likes to stand out from the crowd. These nifty little custom decals are now available from Ryan Beckley at Kinetic Animation. They are about 3" x 8" and the cost is approximately $100.00 for 50 of them, printed on 3M material. All he needs to make them for you is a good picture of your boat, like the one below provided by Freeze Frame Video. Also, bigger or smaller stickers are no problem, though costs may vary.

IMAGE CREDITS: Kinetic Animation & Freeze Frame Video

Whether your a race team or a serious poker run enthusiast, these are great gifts for fans and friends, not to mention your tow vehicle. For more information, contact Kinetic Animation vie their website or at (941) 758-3303.

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