Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classic Speed and Style on Display at PLX Boat Show

Every year, I try to make it over to the local Chain of Lakes to check out some of the sharp classic boats of yesterday. The show is normally held on the 4th of July weekend, but organizers decided to move it up a week, and except for the fact that the weather was a little cloudy and cool, it didn't seem to be a bad idea.

As usual, The Portage Lakes (PLX) classic boat show always features a number of slick "woodies" - and everyone's favorites are the big dual and triple-cockpit Chris Crafts and Hackers, which you can see below. They were truly the "big bad boats" of their day, and they are great examples of style and crafstmanship.

Not all the boats are wood, however...and not all of them are really old.  There are some nice examples of boats from the late 50's 60's and 70's to be found, like the nice jet boat I came across, and some other old "performance boats" of their day.

Some of the examples on hand were clearly inspired by 50's auto design, and others--while modest in size--were clearly well-built, well-cared for and are now shown proudly by their owners at various shows and regattas around the country. In the end, a nice boat is a nice boat - and there were plenty of nice ones to appreciate here.

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