Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BVI Leverick's Bay Poker Run is a Study in Good Times

Over on Offshore Only, respected powerboater Bobthebuilder has been sharing many of his Caribbean adventures, and recently he's been providing some updates on his trip to the British Virgin Islands, to participate in the Leverick's Bay Poker Run. Accompanied by Jay from Naplesimage.com, they provided some outstanding coverage of this event that you can see on the OSO thread HERE.

 PHOTO CREDIT:  naplesimage.com.

According to Bob, the run was even more fun than last year, with over 100 boats participating. Also on hand was a very large spectator fleet, including a large tour boat wiht a large crowd on board. They took hundreds of pictures, and were able to take a number of folks for exciting rides on his beautiful boat, PREDATOR. This year also marked the run's 10th Anniversary; we also were able to find this video, courtesy of YouTube member - which provides some running shots of the participants...

All in all, this run looks like a great time -- the biggest challenge is just getting there. Most everyone has their boats transported, and while it's not an easy undertaking, it's well worth the effort, since you will be rewarded with a lifelong memory you will always cherish. In fact, Bob is providing info on how those who are interested  can participate in a separate OSO thread. Maybe you can make it next year...

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