Monday, May 9, 2011

Former Honeyparty Skater to debut as Geico Caveman Boat

Word has it that the former 399 Skater V-bottom that once competed in Powerboat P1's Evolution class is being re-worked and refitted to compete as the Geico Caveman boat during this year's offshore race season. No exact word on what class the boat is expected to enter; this may depend on the sanctioning body for each race the the specific rules involved.


Known for his aggressive racing style, particularly in rough waters, former Honeyparty throttleman Richard Carr will be flying in to handle those same duties on the big 40' vee. Powered by a couple of 1350hp Chief engines and Arnseon surface drives, the boat was constructed back in 2008 of carbon/kevlar epoxy composites built to withstand the brutal environment of ocean racing.

Geico has had a promotional Caveman Cigarette in the past, so we may have a clue to what the reliveried Skater might look like. Whenever and wherever the new boat debuts, it's sure to be an exciting addition to the Geico racing team...and we'll be sure to bring you some photos when they're available!

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