Saturday, May 14, 2011

700 HP V-12 Diesel Sparks Interest at Dusseldorf Marine Show

Ray at Raylar Engines recently shared some photos of this musclebound V-12 diesel offering that was recently showcased in Germany. Identified as the RED A03, the engine would be a newcomer to the marine world, as it is currently only available as an aircraft engine.


Originally developed to fill a niche market between aircraft gasoline piston engines and the more expensive turboprops, the powerplant is the brainchild of Russian engineer Vladimir Raikhlin. Built by the RED aircraft GmbH, located in Adenau, Germany, the marine version of the engine is designed for output power of approximately 700 hp at 3,900 rpm.

The liquid cooled V-12 diesel engine has a 90 degree configuration between cylinder banks and twin double overhead camshafts. It's also electronically controlled with a common rail direct fuel injection system, and features a dry sump lubrication system, twin fuel pumps, twin turbochargers and an integrated oil-water heat exchanger.

Further details of the powerplant should be announced later this year; while it will no doubt be expensive, it would probably offer an extremely high degree of reliability, since it was originally designed for aircraft applications. In the end, this might give it a serious leg up on similarly-priced high-end gas engines, like a Merc 1350.

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