Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video: Blast From Our Powerboat Past - 1990 Miami Race on ABC

No one would like to see powerboat racing come back to mainstream awareness than we would; in fact, a big part of our mission is to make the average boater...or the average person, for that matter...aware of the fun and excitement that performance boating has to offer.

Back in the day, offshore powerboat racing was truly a high profile sport, where well-known businessmen and TV/ movie stars hit the waves in an awesome show of power, speed and glamour. If you want a look back, then check out this video, posted on Vimeo by John Carbonell. Featuring Don Johnson, star of Miami Vice, it gives you a great glimpse of where the sport was at one time.

1990 Miami ABC Network Show from John Carbonell on Vimeo.

Will we ever see anything like this again? We can only hope. Once you get past the helicopter tour and Johnson's intro - the action really picks up. ABC sports does a great job of covering the race, and the footage is absolutely first-rate. Check it out!

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