Sunday, April 10, 2011

JBS Racing Demonstrates Boat with New Sponsor

JBS Racing has always impressed us with their boats - and they are at it again. This year the boat features a new paint scheme to highlight the team's new Sponsor, Tumbleweeds Southwest Grill. Here's some video footage of the team running their boat at Tumbleweed at The Waterfront in Louisville, KY.

VIDEO: Courtesy JBS Racing.

Of course, you'll notice that the space for running this fast is a little tight, but the boat is nowhere near its top speed, and great precautions were made to clear out the area as the run was taking place (it's still very early in the season, so not a lot of boats are out on the river yet. No doubt this is a great way to get people excited about offshore racing - hats off and best of luck to JBS on their 2011 season!

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