Monday, April 18, 2011

German-Made Spider Powerboat Packs Turbodiesel Power in a Compact Package

Every once in a while we like to check out what performance boat manufacturers are doing in other parts of the world, and we recently came across this outstanding example from German manufacturer Spider Powerboats. The German-made Spider 24V may remind you of a wild psychedelic acid trip, but even if it does, you can bet are it will be a FAST trip. Certainly the paint job and some of the detailing are very creative and original, but the technology and hardware are impressive, too.

PHOTO / VIDEO CREDITS:  Spider Powerboats.

This 7.3m, 1800kg boat packs plenty of power into a modestly-sized package...and what power it is--a single, beefy turbodiesel that can propel this little beast up to 85mph. With a 200L fuel capacity and a price of about 86,000 euros, it's not a bad deal, either.

Spider also makes this boat with a 8.1L V8 for about 10k less. Both models feature a SARO Tunnelprop drive for efficient power, an advanced, double-step hull, Gaffrig controls and Auto-meter gauges. To see the boat at speed, check out the YouTube video below:

While this boat would look great on a place like Havasu, you can see in the power and the details that the approach is a little different from what we typically see over here in the US. The differences are subtle, yet interesting.  To see more, head over to the Spider Powerboats website. But better polish up on your German, first.

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