Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boat Apps: Miss Geico app Keeps Fans up to Date on AMF Offshore

There's probably no team more visible or more respected than the crew from AMF Offshore Racing and the Miss Geico team. In addition to being a major sponsor for series like OPA, Miss Geico is probably the most recognized boat in offshore--and they are known for bringing that extra level of excitement to every racing event in which they they attend.

That's probably why one of the first apps I added to my iPhone was the Miss Geico app, from appmii. Like the iTunes store description says, it allows team fans to interact in a whole new way, making friends, checking out exclusive content and staying on top of everything the team is involved in, as well as offshore racing in general.

In addition to lots of photos, audio and video clips - located in a Media section, there's some integration with Twitter and Facebook as well. It's a pretty neat app, and a nice complement to AMF's current website, which is also very cool. I would be remiss, however, if I didn't point out that the app links to Events and News currently include no content; hopefully that will be remedied as the 2011 racing season continues. To get the app, go HERE, or upload directly from your phone.

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