Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Activist Group Seeks to Keep Lake WinniPesaukee Open for Performance Boaters

New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee is a big lake - and has been one of the Northeast's top boating destinations for many years. Over the past several years, there has been a real struggle between boaters who want to keep the lake open to free, fun and responsible boating, and zealots who have pressured legislators to enact a 45mph speed limit on this attractive and popular lake.

Now there is an Activist Group - Safe Boaters of New Hampshire (SBONH) that is working with the State of NH Legislature to promote safe boating and effective legislation. This was the group the came out in severe opposition of prematurely ending the speed limit tests and instituting a permanent speed limit. This group of avid and educated boaters is also working to support bills to allow captains call on the lake as well as increase safety by promoting inspections with the US Power Squadron and other initiatives.


The group has started their own Forum to privately discuss these future initiatives and they ask that all interested powerboaters who enjoy Lake Winnipisaukee join to show your support as well as chime in on the crucial discussion that will shape the future of all lakes in New Hampshire. Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

SBONH is just a front for a handful of cowboys that want to eliminate the speed limit. There so called interest in speed is nothing but a ruse. They are being exposed for the phonies they are one post at a time!

windlass said...

Wow.. like your post very much. Enjoyed reading throughout. Nice post with quite interesting details. Keep blogging :)


Boat Wax said...

These are great looking pictures, and that is one awesome looking boat!

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