Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don Aronow Memorial Marathon Race Around Long Island Set for September 18th

The 2010 Don Aronow Memorial Race is just a week away, and promises to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to race just like the legends of the sport did....and that includes traveling over the same course and deal with the same conditions they endured many years ago. As HORBA managing director Charlie McCarthy says about this race:
"You finally can compete without having to be a billionaire and have a chance for the win. Many, many races were won by people who used their heads, rather than go allout and blow up in the first half of the race.""

The race starts at LaMotta's Restaurant/Manhasset Bay Marina in Port Washington, NY, then heads North -- going around Orient Pt Litehouse, then around Montauk Pt Litehouse, South around the Rockaways, up the Hudson River, up the East River and back to LaMotta's Restaurant. The total distance is 271 miles, and participants can stop for fuel (if needed) wherever they want.

PHOTO CREDITS: Charlie McCarthy - HORBA,

Stu Hayim in his 32 Skater, "RECOVERY" set the record for this course at 3 hours and 6 minutes in 1989 with Joey Impresscia on the throttles. Think you need a big boat? The first two winners of the Around-Long Island race (in 1959 and 1960) were just 17-footers!

As always, thanks to Charlie McCarthy at HORBA for posting these inspirational, historic photos on the message boards for us to enjoy. For more information about the race, head over to

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