Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunsation's New 36 Dominator Hitting High Sales Marks in a Tough Economy

Say what you will about the current bad economy, some manufacturers are still selling plenty of boats--especially larger models. Sunsation Powerboats has announced that their new 36-foot-long Dominator is posting higher pre-production sales than any model in the company's history.

PHOTO CREDITS: Sunsation Powerboats

Reportedly, the 36’ Dominator performs very well, running approximately 100 mph with a pair of Mercury Racing 525EFI engine. The staggered engine layout provides plenty of stability and the hull design is built for top performance. Joe Schaldenbrand, vice president of sales and marketing for Sunsation, attributes the model’s record-breaking sales to the attention to detail in its construction.

“Every person that's bought a 36' has been blown away by the level of detail,” he explains. “We’re doing all kinds of things to a level of detail that has raised the bar on the industry."

Price for a fully loaded 36-footer with the twin 525 efi power package is $299,000. That includes a wide array of popular options. For more information, check out

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