Friday, June 4, 2010

Loaded? Or Just Overloaded? Scarab Sinks at Havasu

Memorial Day weekend always brings out the best and worst in boating, and at popular venues like Lake Havasu, it's more evident than ever. Check out this YouTube video that shows a nice 29' Scarab going down in the middle of the channel.

Though there are lots of boats around, no one else seemed to have the presence of mind to throw these guys a line and haul ass to shore. In their defense, this boat does go down very fast, and with all the boat traffic in the area, trying to jump in and save the big Scarab might have caused even more problems. In any case, it seems other boats quickly moved in to pull the Scarab's passengers out of the water after its sinking was inevitable.

How did it happen? Another YouTube video, purportedly posted by the boat's owner, offers this explanation: "Long story short, our boat sank. One of the girls puked and as they were cleaning up too many people shifted weight to the back and down she went. None of us got hurt, thank God. Never gonna forget it that's for sure."

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