Friday, June 11, 2010

Got to be the Slickest Ear Buds Ever...

Normally, I hate using ear buds - maybe it's just my ears - but they always seem to fall out into my lap. To me, nothing beats the sound of old-school, over-the-ear headphones, and that's what I normally wear - even if I'm out walking or jogging. In addition, if you're on your boat, you're probably more likely to have your music blasting out of the custom stereo you installed.


Be that as it may, I might make an exception for these Teknine Nine Millimeter earphonesmade by a company called MUNITIO. At $250 a pop, I doubt that I will be owning any soon - but these 18k gold, 9mm casing ear buds are very cool indeed. All the components are top end ; to find out more about the features, go here.

The first run is limited to 500 units, so you might want to get one fast. Just the thing if you own a Cigarette Top Gun!

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