Sunday, November 15, 2009

Washington Redskin's Albert Haynesworth & Hell Razor Featured on ESPN E:60

It was nice to see well-known pro football player, powerboater and poker runner Albert Haynesworth featured on the ESPN show E:60 a few weeks back, and viewers were treated to some nice footage of Albert's incredible 44' MTI cat, Hell Razor.


Albert, who plays for the Washington Redskins, has a reputation for being a great competitor, both on the football field and on the water, and he normally takes in several popular poker runs each year. He also has a reputation for being a great guy and a lot of fun as well.


Though this boat reportedly will do about 160mph, word is that Albert is already having a new 48' boat built. To read the article online and watch the segment, head over to the ESPN website.

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