Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ilmor's Slick new Website Features Powerboat P1 Success

Renowned for their 10-cylinder Generation III and IV engines, Ilmor High Performance has recently revamped theri whole website with a slick new Flash-based interface, lots of new information and more features. The company's racing success is also more evident, with plenty of photos and a special page of information on it's PowerboatP1 success, as they powered the Fountain Worldwide #99 to a second consecutive World Title at the 2008 Portuguese Grand Prix of the Sea in Portimao, Portugal.


Powered by the Ilmor MV-10, the Fountain Worldwide team, with pilot James Sheppard and throttleman Craig Wilson, took four victories and eight podium finishes in 11 races during the 2008 season. They were also the first team in Powerboat P1 history to win back-to-back world titles in the Evolution class.

In addition to in-depth information on it's current engine line-up, there are pics and data on the new Indy outdrive, Service & warranty info, company history, technical data and an online shop where you can buy Ilmor gear. There's also a nice photo gallery with some nice photography of their engines and some very sharp installations. Check it out!

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