Friday, July 10, 2009

Video: Nice 2-Part OSS Footage from Lake of The Ozarks

American Powerboat Television (APBTV) is one of the best places on the Internet to catch the excitement of offshore powerboat racing - and we'd like to give you just a little taste of what they have to offer. This video includes some footage from the Lake of The Ozarks Offshore Super Series (OSS) National Championship Power Boat Race.

This is one of powerboating's premier racing events, and the boats reach speeds of almost 200mph.
This annual race takes place at the 7 Mile Marker in Toad Cove, on Lake of the Ozarks. APBTV has also just added some new videos, including the recent Powerboat P1 race in Istanbul, Turkey and the Lake Cumberland Poker Run. Head over there and check out the action!

There have been some changes in the OSS schedule that we'll be reporting on in a few days; suffice to say they have cancelled some scheduled races and are teaming up with OPA at some other venues this summer. However the next National Championship race at Lake of the Ozarks, scheduled for September 25 – 27 is definitely on.

Part 2 of this OSS race has been posted here.

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The lake of the Ozarks said...

wwoowww..the video looks great..BTW Do you have pictures of lake of the ozarks..? I would like to see it co'z I have a plan to visit it..Looking forward on it..:-)

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