Friday, July 17, 2009

New Boats: Outerlimits SV 52 & Vector Powerboats V-40 Launched

The performance boating industry may be hurting in some places, and a few of the manufacturers may be taking their lumps. But the current state of the economy isn't always evident at the upper end of the cost spectrum, as some boat builders are still turning out big, powerful, luxurious and technologically-advanced models that don't fail to amaze. Here are a couple of the more recent examples we've come across, from Outerlimits and Vector, respectively.

PHOTO CREDIT: Outerlimits Powerboats (above and below).

First is the impressive Outerlimits SV 52, which recently hit the water for a weekend of successful sea trials on Lake Winnipesaukee. It's powered by Whipple Supercharged Chief 1200's, has a five-step hull and reportedly hit speeds in the mid-130's on it's first time in the water. The manufacturer says the most impressive characteristic, aside from the acceleration, is the boat's ability to crush the waves. We believe it.

Of course, those kind of speeds from a 50'+ boat are very impressive; apparently this one will not be straying too far from home, the builder indicates the first SV 52 will be spending the summers on Lake Winni in New Hampshire.

The second boat we are introducing is the innovative and surprising new Vector V-40, an all-new Ocke Mannerfelt design that expands on the basic concept of the unforgettable V280 "bat boat" -- but with some advancements and enhancements that are in-tune with its larger (42' LOA) size. We'd love to be able to show you a good photo of this boat, but there are no pics or info about it yet on Vector's website other than the intro banner seen at the bottom of this article. The first photo just above is from a recently-posted YouTube video titled "Vector Powerboats 40 foot 135mph super-boat." Unfortunately the videographer was far more interested in the three models posing on the boat than the boat itself, so all we could do is show you as much as we could see in a frame capture. But of what we could make out, the boat does look good.

With a maximum beam of 14 feet, the V-40 rides on a twin-step hull incorporating four strakes per side and a 22-degree deadrise. With twin power options available ranging from 700 hp - 1,200 hp, the first V-40 is powered by Teague 1,200 hp engines and #6 drives. According to Vector president Rex Jardine, the V-40 shares the similar wing design of the V280, but they mechanically retract to allow easier towing and docking.
“The really neat thing about the boat is the fact that once we scaled it from 28 to 42 feet, the beam increased from 10 feet, four inches to 14 feet, which is not very practical for towing down the road or docking when the wings out," explains Jardine. "So, we designed a retractable wing system where they mechanically pivot on the front and come in at the back to reduce the beam.”

PHOTO CREDITS: 1st photo- YouTube user JCVdude / 2nd photo - Vector Powerboats.

I can only imagine what a sensation that retractable wing would be at the local watering hole when you pull up to the docks; it would definitely be something to witness. BTW, if you do want to see the YouTube video, you can see it HERE.

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