Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Impy Steering Wheels: Get a Grip on Better Boat Handling

A custom steering wheel is one of the better ways to set off a new boat or upgrade an old one. Not only offering better control and handling, today's billet wheels simply look incredible, and are a great match for the custom gauges and throttle controls you may be adding.

Impy Billet Steering Wheels feature fully leather wrapped cushioned grips for superb driving comfort along with three dimensional fully machined billet aluminum spokes. The spoke and wheel frames are one piece construction for maximum strength. Impy uses the finest quality genuine leather to wrapping the grips, and each wheel is hand sewn. Some other brands of “half-wrap” wheels on the market may look great, but may not be as comfortable to use -- since they may get too hot to touch in the sun. Impy fully wrapped leather billet wheels are comfortable to hold, don’t get excessively hot to the touch, are hand-crafted in the USA, and look great too.

Most Impy Steering Wheels are in stock and ship within 24 hours. If by chance the wheel color you order is not in stock the folks at Impy can usually wrap it within 2 weeks and ship. Also, custom wrapped wheels, created to match your boat are available if you supply the leather. Allow 2-4 weeks for this type of special order. There is no extra charge to wrap a wheel in your leather, but it will take a little more time.

Impy wheels are available from Rex Marine, from about $240 - $250. Their Impy product page is HERE.

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