Monday, June 22, 2009

Team Aqua-Mania Joins 200+ mph Club

John Arruda posted on Offshore Only yesterday that Team Aqua-Mania's turbine-powered 50' Mystic posted a top speed of 204.56mph on Sunday morning. That's one fast Father's Day run...and a great follow-up to their recent run to Bimini-and-back, which set a new record.

PHOTO CREDIT: Team Aqua-Mania

The run was held in Alexandria Bay, New York, and according to John the boat ran flawlessly. Again, congratulations are in order for joining what is a pretty elite club!


ZVD2009 said...

Can someone explain the drive unit to me... Propulsion? I watched a show called "World's most expensive rides," and the story teller said that the boat is propelled by air? NO JET PUMP/No out drive? Please explain


It's a turbine jet engine - similar (or same) as that used on high-performance, military helicopters. The rest is conventional - mated to some surface drives and cleaver props.

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