Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Boating Destinations: Torch Lake Michigan

Michigan has more fresh-water coastline than any other state, and the Northwest Portion of the Lower Peninsula is among them most beautiful regions in the country. This brings us to the gem of this region, the beautiful Torch Lake. We just posted a travel tip about this beautiful lake on, and wanted to give you a heads-up. The origin of the lake's name is derived from translation from the Ojibwa name Was-wa-gon-ong, meaning "Place of the Torches", referring to the practice of the local native American population who once used torches at night to attract fish for harvesting with spears and nets.

The remarkable thing about the lake is it's clarity and distinct color, which is a unique turquoise blue, more commonly attributed to Caribbean waters. The lake is so clean that at one time the EPA had approved residents taking drinking water directly from the lake with only filtration, and no other treatment required. The huge Sand Bar at the south end of the lake is a popular gathering spot, particularly on Fourth of July weekends. Be careful when jumping out of a boat; the clarity of the water makes depth estimates deceiving--and what looks like four-foot deep water may be well over your head.

There are some popular bars and restaurants on Torch, with The Dockside (at Clam River) being among the most notable. Indeed, you can cruise throughout the whole chain-of-lakes connected to Torch Lake, and there are accommodations of all kinds available, from campgrounds to cottages, which rent from $800 to $3000 or more per week, depending on the number of guests.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Dockside

Property owners with homes along the shore have included filmmaker Michael Moore, former Detroit Tiger Kirk Gibson, actress Christine Lahti and husband/director Thomas Schlamme, actress Julie Kavner, rapper Eminem, musician Kid Rock and world renowned ski racer Evan Berry. Reportedly, Kid Rock's hit "All Summer Long" is about the summers of his youth, spent on this lake and others nearby.

The Full TravelDudes Article is here. Additional info can be found here as well.

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