Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Excitement, Big Water at NJPPC Atlantic City Poker Run

We told you about the annual Atlantic City Poker Run put on by the New Jersey Performance Powerboat Club (NJPPC) and according to reports, it was a great one - with some flat water at the start and some "big" water once the boats got out into the ocean, where the boats were greated with swells of 10' and over. Club member Tom A. says it was "the best one yet"

The photo to the left shows a 40' Skater coming out of the Holgate Inlet -- now that's what we call getting some air. According to accounts, there are a lot of boats out there BEHIND that big Skater -- you just can't see them behind those massive swells! It's pretty clear that the Jersey crowd has no fear of big water. The accompanying video below was posted by YouTube user fullthrottle200 - and it shows some of the bigger boats pulling away from the docks at the start.

If you're interested in checking out this run next year, or want to know more about this great club, check out the NJPPC website here. Its one friendly group, and people with boats of all sizes are welcome.

PHOTO CREDIT: NJPPC - SeriousOffshore Member - Tom A.

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