Saturday, May 30, 2009

VIDEO: Flyin' High in a Nor-Tech with Shaggy

Shaggy may not be at the top of my iPod playlist, but there are a few great tunes I enjoy - "It Wasn't Me" always brings a laugh...but this new song - Fly High which also features Gary "Nesta" Pine, is notable for the visuals, which include some very nice footage of the Shag man and his entourage on a sharp '07 diesel Nor-tech 43'. In this You-Tube video, they are also accompanied by the Playboy Cigarette 38' Top Gun.

The song is just OK (apparently it is quite a hit in Europe, however) but once you get past the first minute or so of package-grabbing and rice-rocket-riding, the fun starts, with some very nice arial shots of the boats on the open water. There's some other nice scenery too, which is something you won't fail to notice.

The growing attraction of urban culture to boats of any type is something we're watching with a lot of interest. Of course, it didn't start with The Lonely Island and T-Pain collaborating on "I'm On A Boat." - but that video just might have put the phenomenon into focus. The result? Well, 2009 might just be the Summer of Boats n' Hoes...if you don't know what I mean, just do a Twitter search and you'll start to get it.

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