Sunday, May 10, 2009

Team 26 Gets Win in Powerboat P1 Opening Round in Malta

The opening round of the Powerboat P1 World Championship in Malta provided lots of excitment and a surprising finish, as a significant time penalty ensured that one of the circuit's newer teams would finish on top.

A speeding penalty cost Baia Attolini the win in the SuperSport Sprint race; as a result, the victory went to the British Team 26 Racing. In the end, it was just a single lap that made the real difference in the outcome the race, allowing the British to pick up 100 points in their first Powerboat P1 competition.


In the closed canopy Evolution class, the Italian team Cigarette Smash Poker claimed victory despite having a poor position after qualifying sessions. Their crew of Luca Formilli Fendi and Matteo Nicolini won with a comfortable 50 second margin, ahead of closest competitor Lucas Oil Budweiser. For more details on the race, go to:

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