Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NJPPC Deals Fun with Atlantic City Poker Run

Few clubs have as much fun as the New Jersey Performance Powerboat Club [NJPPC] which organizes a summer full of events every year. NJPPC is a 200+ member strong organization and is also known as one of the safest and most celebrated clubs anywhere - always working to ensure that all boaters feel welcome in their organization. Like it says on their website:
"We believe that a great club should be fun for all boaters no matter what size or how fast your boat is, and all of our events are designed to allow all members to have a great time. Our club is a sociable one, with members who own all types of boats and come from diverse backgrounds."
We've already told you about their Shore Dreams for Kids charity event scheduled for July 18, but the next big event on their docket is the annual Atlantic City Poker Run, scheduled for June 26 - 28th. This overnight event will be covered by Powerboat Magazine, and has been rated as one of their Top 10 Events. It runs out of the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino, with a Thursday night welcoming party at the Typhoon Service Center in Toms River, NJ. There's also a Friday morning breakfast, an afternoon of fun and a great dinner as well.

PHOTO CREDIT: Northeast Donzi Club

One interesting thing that NJPPC does at their runs is break out the participants into three separate groups, depending on boat size, performance, or just the preference of the operator. There's an Ocean Group – for boaters who want to take an open ocean route at higher speeds, out Barnegat Inlet to Atlantic City Inlet; an Inside Group - which operates at higher speeds but takes an alternate route which does not include running on open ocean water; and a third 60 mph Inside Group, which takes the same route ans the second, but at speeds not to exceed 60mph. This allows all sizes and types of boats to enjoy the fun at a level in which the operators and their passengers feel comfortable. For more information, go to www.njppc.com or download the event brochure here [PDF file].

The Atlantic City Poker Run Schedule:

Thursday June 25th
11:30am / Golf Outing (optional)
7pm / Welcome Party at Typhoon Service Center - Open Bar, Sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres

Friday June 26th
8:30am / Arrive @ Lobster Shanty Toms River NJ
6:00pm / Dinner - Trump Marina
8:00pm / Shore Dreams For Kids Charity Auction

Saturday June 27th
9:30am / Breakfast - Trump Marina
12 Noon / Optional FUN RUN Departs
12 Noon / Friday Night Only Poker Runners Depart

Sunday June 28th
11am / Friday & Saturday Night Poker Runners Depart

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