Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mitigator™ System Makes Performance Boating Safer

At 50, I sure don't feel old. But like a lot of guys my age, my body is prone to disagree with me from time-to-time...and one of those times would likely be after an active day of boating, especially in big waves. Talk to almost any offshore veteran racer, and they can give you a long list of injuries they have suffered-- like cracked vertebrae, slipped disks, broken hips and cracked ribs. While they wear them like badges of honor, they will also tell you that it would be better to avoid them if possible.

Thankfully, the folks at SeasGroup have developed an effective and ingenious system to help abate the shock and pounding of a rough day on the water. Their Mitigator™ system is winning accolades from boaters far and wide, and has been installed in military vehicles as well as the boat heading up the President's security detail at the recent Summit of The Americas.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to offer protection from hi-speed, hi-impact assaults. It uses patented air control technology working with 4,044 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body. Mitigator technology reduces whole body vibration by 75% -- absorbing the energy normally absorbed by your body. This means fewer long term injuries and a significant reduction in the fatigue and pain suffered from vibration or impact. This also allows older guys like me to spend more time in our boats without feeling it later.

According to SeasGroup VP Rick McKinney, the original concept was developed more than 15 years ago as a “hip pad” to protect the elderly from breaking a hip during a fall. That application didn't work out, but subsequently the Navy was looking for improved safety systems for Cobra attack helicopters, and his company received a contract to develop an energy absorbing seat cushion to protect crew from injury. It was later suggested that they introduce this concept to the hi-speed boating community within the military, and after 2003, their entry into the marine industry began.

Currently, SeasGroup--in coordination with installation partners like Premier Performance Interiors--is aggressively marketing the MitiGator seating and deck mats to the aftermarket. While go-fast boat owners may be holding off on new boat purchases right now, they still want their existing boats to be able to be state-of-the-art, sharp looking and as safe as possible. The Donzi ZRC slideshow video [above] is an excellent example of how PPI & SEAS are addressing this market. Notes Rick McKinney:
“We at SEAS couldn’t agree more and it is work of this caliber that attracted us to PPI when we first entered the offshore market a few years ago. The excellent performance of MitiGator™ seats and deck mats in the offshore environment and the unsurpassed design and fabrication work of PPI is what lead our two companies to team up in the fall of last year to bring a revolutionary series of products to the offshore market.”
Of course, this kind of work is winning them a lot of respect and rave reviews from offshore powerboat owners. It should also play a big role in helping Seasgroup and PPI position the MitiGator™ system with most major boat manufacturers as a part of the cockpits in new boat interiors when the economy recovers.

Visibilty helps, too--and that's why the SeasGroup recently became the new sponsor for OPA's High Priority Racing, now called Team Mitigator. In addition, four other offshore race teams are currently using the Mitigator™ technology. The company is also sponsoring the Wake The Lake Poker Run at Kerr Reservoir/Buggs Island Lake in Clarksville, VA on September 12 - you can register for updates and info at the Seasgroup blog [here] or pick up a flyer about the event from the guys on Team MitiGator, who will be distributing the flyers at the 2009 OPA boat races, as well as at several East Coast poker runs throughout the summer. If you see them, be sure to stop and say hi!

PHOTO CREDITS: SeasGroup / PPI / High Priority Offshore Racing

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