Friday, April 10, 2009

IN THE COCKPIT: The New Statement Marine 42'

YouTube poster & Serious Offshore member Poker Run Mike shared some nice video footage of a test ride he was able to enjoy while at the St. Pete Grand Prix last weekend. The subject is the beautiful new Statement Marine 42, which got all kinds of attention at the PRA Poker Run just a week before. One of the most interesting things about these boats, aside from their incredible design and performance, is the advanced Air Cushion system they use to improve ride in the cockpit. Nick's account includes the following observation:
" about 125, I tell Nick [the driver] that I am wowed by no chine walking. He had one hand on the wheel and one on the throttles. I had to laugh as he gives me the 'surfs up' signal from his steering hand. Yup...he let go of the steering wheel for about 5-6 seconds as we approached 128 MPH! And the boat did not nudge! I was floored!"

The boat is powered by Mercruiser 1075s, with #6 drives. Statement also produces a sharp 50' cat as well. Their website is still under development, but you can get some more photos and contact information at

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